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Not a Boring Neapolitan Tour

Discover the beauties and myths of this city that enters your heart

A short tour through the cult and legends of Naples ... here you are some of the main symbols of Neapolitan culture ... from Vesuvius that emerges behind of the main castles of Naples ... il Maschio Angioino..

(Naples has at least 5 castles).to the next ..there is the marble sculpture of the famous "Cristo Velato".. veiled Christ .. kept inside the chapel

of Sansevero .. (Naples has more than 450 churches at all) ... easily reachable it ..along the road of the Decumani. . (urban project carried out by the Greeks)..further on there is the famous mermaid Partenope .. the statue of the siren is located in the heart of piazza St Nazzaro .... a woman half female and half fish representing the legend of Ulysses and his sirens .. actually the siren described by the Greeks it was a mythological figure of a woman with the body and legs of a bird .. in fact in the photos the real Parthenope is represented .. a fountain located in the heart of the surrounding city .. you can see the sculpture of a bird with a woman's body where water flows from her breasts.... a few meters from the Veiled Christ you can easily reach the Cathedral of St Gennaro where the ampoule of St Gennaro is kept ... more than twice a year the miracle of St Gennaro is expected .. (It is assumed that the blood inside the ampoule belong to the Saint) the miracle consists in waiting during the prayer that the blood passes from the solid to the liquid to the Cathedral there is the museum of St Gennaro with its treasure .. inside it is kept the "mitra of St Gennaro .. the most precious object in the world...At the end of the tour we recover our energy by having lunch with a beautiful piazza margherita, the unique and inimitable pizza that they only make in Naples ....( one last mention goes to the great Argentine soccer player who joined the Napoli team in the 80s and whom the Neapolitans adore as a god..the great DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA)sadly he passed away a few months ago..r.i.p.Diego..

Some Details

8/9 hours




Local Full Immersion


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